Euro meta-festival intro

To right we've synchronised videos of 5 main euroverse panels- see here for Asiaverse & Americaverse
.Web3 marketing’s new frontier

web 3=new marketing frontier of world class brands

Oliver Lange -Timo Wolf-H&M; Trouv/Ste - HAPE Bradford Bird Fabricant -Adbel Boazzati -Coke

Anne-Liese Prem , Podcast  Tomorrowstories  Greg WIlliams , WIRED UK  Thibault Launay -  Exclusible  Alex Wills  disguise Sylvain Langrand,  Burberry Marcelo Mรถller, Heineken

Mike Charalambous - Threedium  Stefania BarbaglioCassiopeia    lDaniea Ott  Aura Blockchain Consortium  Hervรฉ LarrenAirvey Metaverse  Nino Bergfeld -Web3  Salesforce

Olga Chernysheva - Sustainability  DRESSX Zuzana Bastian - Jevels  Louise Troen - Headspace

Friday, December 31, 2021

sdgood 4

 partners exp this post; others ed3

EXP=ExponentialDestiny - gravity Marcus Shingles

team marcus shingles (singularity/xprize diamandis; itu zhao UN Guterres ; co-launch aiforgood with ieee steve's ibaraki; marcus proof of concept with Los Angeles youth 20-21 can change what metaverse values most currently leaping ahead with virtual reality connections; for 22-23 teams from a ll over the world and every choice of

exp=exponential destiny platforms include itu partnership with UN - and potentially an nft for every sdg - launched with ITU 2022; previously team exp destiny at xprize helped launch ai for good at itu in genevaa-; since 1946 itu is digital collab twin of UN hq NY; from 2003 wsis became the fastest innovating partnerships of the Un keeping up with 100 times more etch per decade - since 2017 UN leader guterres has committed to Un2.0 roadmap - govtech most collaborative partnership/benchmark anywhere that humans want the younger half of teh world to linking sdgs everywhere and be the first sustainability generation 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

ed3 dao team Vriti Saraf


Metaverse for educators -eduverse; ED3 nft 6000 units ethereum launched june 2022 non-profit, our mission is to catalyze innovation in education at scale, using web3

 joint linkedin

mint &


Vriti Saraf Strategy, Art

Dagan Bernstein,Community

Michael Cohen Marketing, Art

Maria Galanis Community

Mike Peck Tech

Jessie BarberryCommunity

Sofiia MorozDesign

Craig Tech