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Friday, December 31, 2021

sdgood 4

 partners exp this post; others ed3

EXP=ExponentialDestiny - gravity Marcus Shingles

team marcus shingles (singularity/xprize diamandis; itu zhao UN Guterres ; co-launch aiforgood with ieee steve's ibaraki; marcus proof of concept with Los Angeles youth 20-21 can change what metaverse values most currently leaping ahead with virtual reality connections; for 22-23 teams from a ll over the world and every choice of

exp=exponential destiny platforms include itu partnership with UN - and potentially an nft for every sdg - launched with ITU 2022; previously team exp destiny at xprize helped launch ai for good at itu in genevaa-; since 1946 itu is digital collab twin of UN hq NY; from 2003 wsis became the fastest innovating partnerships of the Un keeping up with 100 times more etch per decade - since 2017 UN leader guterres has committed to Un2.0 roadmap - govtech most collaborative partnership/benchmark anywhere that humans want the younger half of teh world to linking sdgs everywhere and be the first sustainability generation 

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  1. this search drills down why marcus shingles says oculus virtual reality currently number 1 way youth can leap through metaverse - link 11 is how use vr/ar to teach empathy! marcus has turned what IEEE's steve started as aiforgood with itu and Un into metaforgood this student year 22-23 competition- choose team of any 3 to 6 students under or over 18 and sdg; if all un partners get behind this we can change university sustainability rankings-how energetically did their teams help guterres; as well as good prize sponsors like jessica alba's honest it is rumored the un will launch an nft for each sdg - for example which sustainability goals do communities worldwide most want to invest teams in before UNGA september 2023 debriefs futures last chances- example jeanne could we get in touch with some of the hk university women students who completed your survey on life purpose- would one of them enter under sdg 5 (communities valuing women) clearly the us supreme court has ended us credibility in this goal' meta-connections - i am starting to blog very detailed briefs like this at