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Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Global Connectivity est1865

Human Rights

ED=Digital Cooperation


100*Human & Aintel Good


ED+Digital Capacity Building

Public goods (eg airwaves commons)

ACE Adaptation Codes Env


Von Neumann asked Economist 1951 to journalise question what goods will peoples doi with 100 times more trech per decade.

His greatest gen of maths mainly forced to spend lives on bads eg nuclear arms race. Neumann defined good as cooperation way above zero sum exchanges (trusted & safe; amplifying commons; integrating beings so no underlasses anywhere

In 1984 Economits' 2025 clarifies key to sustainagility generation = design web 1,2 so every child identified with skills dashboard and personal curatir (next lessons matching next livelioods0

TO in 2020s
Ed3 as persons Dig Id
Ed3dao as community business model -eg prioritising sustainbility partnerships

Help search- celebrate changing english mindset with &

SDGmetaverseprize celbrating youth storytellers by viral impact and cutared by goal and web 3 design culture of womens kindness/valuing community services 10 times more tyhahn thing GDP

Gov2.0=egov=profession2.0 - see eg 6 meta-cooperation platform; 30 micro platforms one billion women empoweement

NB Un2 digital roadmap left 2023 begin 2016 as digiital cooperation netwoirk of educators linking tech health and trade when UNGA review of goal 4 education siad impossible unless...

z  at twitter see  nations personally enage envoy during UNGA77- next leaps G20 Indonesia & India

some related twits  at twitter see  nations personally enage envoy during UNGA77- next sept G20 Indoinesia & India

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