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Monday, June 26, 1972

From State of Empathy interviews by Geo Geller
Extract at 12 mins 30 secs: Marcus Shingles July 2016: LA Unified School District is where we introduce this new program
-while we have great teachers including one who won the teacher of the year award, she said I don't know about these new technologies
so I can’t teach the kids: crowd funding, crowdsourcing, artificial intelligence,3d printing, nanotechnology, blockchain – my response:the good news is this you'll never know, you'll never be current it's changing too quickly but it's so exciting to learn about this
so our program for your kids in the class, gives them access to the research, teach them how to teach themselves and let them basically teach you …so the way the class is structured is
the kids go out and do the research and they come back and teach each other and the teacher-
so one class group takes on artificial intelligence and learns about machine vision, the other one learns about natural language processing, another one learns about cognitive analytics or deep learning-- and they come back and they educate each other and the teacher learns from that
overall you know what that does it gives the kids confidence because they're the ones that are educating; it also teaches them how to learn;so that's a model that that's very exciting<


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