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Sunday, June 26, 2022

debating top NFT for humanity and top 5 tips from world's greatest peer mathematician

In our view nftGood (DAO brand reality/transparency) take back currency for communities/networks advancing the human lot - and specifically actioning everything possible to make the under 30s the first sustainability generation and not the first extinction generation- the world's most powerful people print paper currencies for the big to get bigger; can we the peoples mint enough digital finance to invest in sustainability collaboration movements -lets be clear this is a tricky game because (since 1971 Nixon off gold standard) big paper printers hate to see their monopoly being removed; they have both the regulation, vested interest PR and the buying power to mix nft goods with bads or distractions of the mont entertaining (self-gratifying) kind

welcome   to Uniting Peoples:  NFTs we're searching most summer 2022;from fall 2022 we'll foucus on greatest student competition of any academic year: grand prizes include presenting future at UN sept 2023

welcome aka YOUTH WORLD BANK trilliondollaraudit blog

5 jeanne lim - Zbee Kindness - kindness as integral to intelligence Home - beingAI 

4 new education systems 

-see: exp-partners;  

(by making 2022-23 the year that celebrates both under 18 and over 18 sdg prize - we have the chance to change university rankings - those that dont celebrate participation in this prize are devaluing United Nations)

ed3 dao

luminaries abed & yidan prize 
-being most recent of 6 education platform of 30 collaborations representing half century by fazle abed and (how poorest asian village mothers developed through empowerment - aid's entrepreneurial revolution since 1972) -to date luminaries is the only networks nominating people inside and putside education (eg technologists) that are most helping millennials interact with education to be first sustainability generation

3 new health systems

Legacy of Abed's 6 collabs of billion womens health service

LEGACY ALUMNI OF FARMER:with paul farmers death- jim kim and  need a lot of help to get back to the 7 segments of health that farmer alumni celebrated- not juts elders health bureacurcies-
charming farmer's favorite catchphrase ID says- everyone including top bureucrats used to stop listedn to farmer at brigham womens hospital when he invoved Infectious Disease says;
frmer was most beloved for wanting to connect the very poorest in eg haiti with teaching hospitals (both students interned from boston and a local hospital acting as a regional hub); he achieved this in haiti and rwanda
intriguing;ly between 2000 and 2005 kim and farmer chnaged how bush and who saw 3 global diseases malaria, tb and aids; by 2005 all of the greats of us helth were ready for next step - apply ai to chasing viorus but even as pih continued on this badly let the world down prioritising autonomous cars over viruses- even though in other ways many would seay google is the most open of silicon valleys mega data networks

2 she womens new health & ed systems (now thy only antidote to us supreme injustices) -see 

1 minting coin for everyone under 30 at time of sdg launch a unit- how else do we give millennials chance of not being the extinction generation

von neumann's number 1 challenge - above zero sum exchanges -this can be nft's role where paper currencies failed- this is the only viable reason for world economic forum chatting up 4th industrial revolution or japan proposing to G20 both society 5.0 and osaka track in time for 2025 osaka world expo

einsteins number 1 plea - developing children practicising collaboration as much as individual examination

all mathematicians expected borderless peace (including turning away from arms races) would require iteration of multilaterals not just the 1945 constitution (the itu iurns out to be the digital twin all multilaterals need in this regard)

end poverty always required exponentially different audit (profession of economics - see keynes final chapter general theory and or reread ) from maximising wealth of fewer & ferwe white men

von neumann also expected most patents should have maximum 6 months half life - his point in a deeply networked world if you were advancing human lot with knowledge having 6 months lead in choosing partners should be more than ample
-for more see 1993 biography of von neumann or join in piloting Neumann AI Hall of Fame

(neumann also did lot of stuff on how coding and human languages needed to be integral to brain science- i expect this can be the deep purpose of jeannes family of nfts?)

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