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Sunday, June 26, 2022

welcome to : mathematicians at explain why nature plays an exponential game; as have technologists (100 times more tech per decade since 1951 when my dad met von neumann at princeton and was advised to make 100 times more the number 1 market leaders interviewing story; for the first time in my experience , Exponential Destiny has become a worldwide student game 22-23 - thanks to the UN's digital twin (ITU Geneva), UN leader AntonionGuterres tech envoy UN2.0 roadmap NY. sept 2023 and notably some LA youth inspired by Marcus Shingles & Exponential Destiny. Click pic to join the game

 join by choosing a SDgoal and whether you are a Team member, Fan or Natural Force-

please note this legend is june 2022 - come back for urgent-action changes to forces of Nature!

17 partners of millennials as first sustainability gen: N17.1 Guterres UN2.0 roadmap with exponential destiny F17.1 Jessica Alba   N17.2 Von Neumann Family N3 zbee-kindness

1 poverty N1.1 Abed family (solution systems of

2 hunger N2.1 Borlaug alumni; blendhub if first food sponsor of metaprize; emanuel faber (ex danone) outstanding aiforgood talk on sustainable biofoods; attenborough fa,ily recommend citizens do 3things about food; stop regularly buying aiportered food; stop waste (thord is wasted in soem cities); reduce red emat and or demand methane production taxed; world bank food data hub

3 Health N3.1 Brilliant alumni 'farmer legacy alumni; abed legacy alumni

4 EDU N4.1 exp alumni:   underknowns alumni and solution of 21-22 un challenge edu not fit for purpose; ed3nft founders N4.2 ECW coordination finance summit next feb 2023 Geneva

5 Women community building valued as much as men N5.1 Abedmooc alumni & family-beingai:zbee kindness nft;

6  --  16

beyond fashion and arts market we are looking to maintain top 10ranking of dao founded because women see community building as value the primary sdgs with much last mile service relentlessness than tradtional aid etc systems

help us find dome refs to women inspired daos and then toi comb through unique ones

rsvp linkedin UNwomens volunteer editor

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  1. TeachforSDGs :2022 is 50th year since The Economist started future history genre (questioning what sustainability exponentials humanity needed to map back from 40 years ahead) and 70th year that The Economisttjournalists shared von neumanns number 1 tip of journalism - ask what to action with 100 times more tech per decade